It had been a few weeks since traveling to the forest and my anticipation grew to full out excitement as I neared the magic place.  The forest was vibrant with colors of life as I stepped into view.  I could feel my energy start to flow within and without as I realized how connected I am while I am here.  My imagination was fired up as I wondered what would happen on this visit.

As I approached the Tree I realized I had never asked for a name.  It seemed important to know this and, who knows, could be another story involved. 

The Tree sensed my presence and said: “welcome my friend Michael, so glad you are here today!”  I smiled and said: “I am so glad to be here too…I am sorry it took a while to come back as I was busy with so many tasks.”  “It is good to put aside tasks to connect with the earth.  I hope your mind and soul are at rest while you are here,” commented the Tree.

I decided to go ahead and ask: “I realize I have not asked your name as of yet.  Is that something you can share with me today?”  “Ho!  That will be a story in the sharing for sure!  My name is ancient as I have been here for thousands of years.  Are you ready to hear it?”  I nodded my head (the Tree seemed to sense this movement) and the Tree began:

When I was but a sapling, a wise and wrinkled prophet came upon my grove.  I was very small compared to the other trees at the time.  He looked at me and said: “you will one day be a great tree, wise beyond measure with experiences to share through the ages.”  I marveled at this as he was the first human that had ever directly talked to me.  I replied: “thank you kind sir.  Do you plan on staying long on this visit?”  He stated: “No, my young wonderful tree friend, but I will be back soon.  Do you have a name yet?”  I contemplated: “I didn’t know trees had names and really don’t know what I would call myself.”  He said: “On my next visit, you will have a name.”

It was a while until he came back and during that time I grew strong and surpassed all of my brother/sister trees in size.  I could feel the energy within me and knew that it was possible for me to share this with all the trees to help their growth and well-being.  I pulsed the energy out through my roots and it passed through the earth to each tree that needed the boost.

One day as I was sharing this vitality with the other trees and I could sense the prophet had returned.  “Good day my old friend!” I exclaimed as I was happy he had returned.  The prophet looked at me and said: “I have been watching you the past few days.  You are helping all your tree brothers and sisters to be healthy and stronger.  What a great friend you are.”  I thanked him and then he solemnly shared: “That shall be your name from now on: Mehyar which means great friend in the native tongue of where I was born.”  I was delighted to have a name and shared this with my prophet friend.  He bowed and as he turned to walk away said: “Goodbye for now Mehyar.  I am sure before I pass from this world, I will pass this way again.”  And then he was gone.

I was glad to know my friends name and a bit of the history behind it.  Mehyar seemed to be lost in thought (at least that is what it felt like to me).  I thanked my friend for sharing the story and Mehyar slightly moved as if he were nodding to acknowledge my thank you.

“Mehyar,” I said, “I am so glad you are now in my life and a part of my journey.  I can see why you are named Great Friend and wish I could live here all the time among you.”  Mehyar reflected: “Ah Michael, while it would be great to have you here, your work is among people so that they can appreciate the forests and nature at a deeper level.  Please come as often as you can and recharge yourself within this forest.”  I sighed and realized Mehyar was right and it was time to go as I needed to finish some of my business planning for nature retreats.  It is important to finish the planning so it could be available soon for all the people it will serve.  So, I waved to my Mehyar and his branches moved in unison similar to the way the fingers of my hand moved in my wave.  I knew I would be back soon and was comforted by that thought.