My trip into the forest was different this time. Given the anxiety and all I was feeling from the Covid-19 lockdown, I was not sure what to do. Feeling overwhelmed most of the time and losing direction how best to be of service was taking its toll on me. As I continued walking towards the entrance for my hike, my mind kept going through all the paths I could follow to be the healer I was being called to be. Do I keep my part-time job in the energy industry for financial security? Do I take the leap of faith and go full-time into nature connected coaching? The myriad of options felt like a 1000-pound boulder on my shoulders.

I was feeling depressed as I walked towards the trail; weighted down by all I wanted to accomplish and seemed not to be able to do. As I started on the trail, I noticed all the people doing whatever they could to minimize contact with others around them. I couple of hikers glared at me as I did not wear a mask this day and this only added to my depression.

Soon I was walking without a real awareness of where I was going. I must have wandered off the trail some time ago and my feet seemed to be leading me in a specific direction. I continued on not knowing my destination. It seemed like I walked for hours, but most likely only minutes. I become aware of a deep feeling within…not sure what it was but feeling a magic in the air around me.

Suddenly, I heard a voice: “well, I haven’t seen one of your kind in these woods for a long time.”  I looked around and was not sure who just said that. The voice chimed in again: “you look lost my friend, come here and talk with me for a while.”  I realized that the voice was coming from one of the trees not far ahead. Feeling dreamy, and wondering if I might be losing it completely, I walked over.

“Hi” I said. “I am lost and not sure how I got here.”  I looked around and noticed just how beautiful this forest was with the light beams passing through the branches touching my face and the ground all around me. The sounds of the birds and all the animals penetrated to my soul.  The tree noticed my deep felt trance and commented: “it is good to have a human to talk with again…I hope this it means it is time for us to reconnect and share this world as we did in times gone past.  Please come back again soon and share your stories of connecting with the trees and I will share more of our story with you. Do you ask for help finding your way back given you are lost?”

“Yes, please guide me and tell me how I will find you again too,” I said. The Tree reminded me first: “Remember this experience and keep the connection with us within you. We need you to share this with others.”  I suddenly felt small and sighed: “I don’t know if I am the right person for this important undertaking. Maybe you need to wait for someone else to come this way.”  The tree kindly conveyed: “Michael, search your heart and you know this is your passion to share. Every cell in your body is ready for this, only your mind…your ego knows fear and doubt. Now, look before you and you will see how trees communicate. The fungi provide the communication through their mycelia and we are all connected. Watch as the path will be evident through slight movement through the earth. Go now and come back when your heart tells you to do so.”

As I watched the mycelia undulate and guide me back to the human made path, I felt more alive and refreshed then I had in a long while. I felt and remembered my deep connection to the earth in my self and Self. I know I will be back to this magic forest soon.