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Nature Connected and Life Journey Coach

To guide, inspire, and motivate men and women to excel and discover strategies to utilize their unique gifts in life. We work together through individual coaching, programs, or group activities with time in nature and community.

Michael Johnson with clients and in nature

Michael Johnson’s Journey

Through much of my life, I struggled with depression and anxiety using many unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with trauma from childhood.  This included heavy drug and alcohol use starting in 5th grade and continuing off and on until recently.  About seven years ago, depression and anxiety cycles began again as I kept myself in an unhealthy relationship.  Suicidal thoughts began in earnest five years ago and I almost took my life in the Fall of 2019.  However, in the depth of one of my depressions I started asking questions regarding life purpose and if I felt a yes response I would also feel a lifting of the depression vail. 

I continued this journey until I was able to gain a full sense of my desire to help others find their path to full well-being and purposeful living.  I felt this strong calling to help others that are struggling with depression, anxiety, or other mental health challenges. Through nature-connected coaching and related group activities, my goal is to empower people to discover their strength, joy, and productivity in life. Along the way, people will increase their self-acceptance and find balance by including fun as a component of their regular schedule.

I am certified in Wilderness Therapy and Transformational Guiding and understand from my past the struggle to live our life purpose with ease and support.  My personal experience allows me to relate to the challenges people face and guide them through their own process to live their authentic life.

Work With Us

3 to 6 Month Programs

• Individualized program includes coaching sessions, outdoor and nature activities
• Group activities to build community among the young men
• A ‘Council of Mentors’ – to provide guidance, accountability, and tutorship
• Coordinated with parents and sponsoring organization, if applicable
• Interaction with a ‘Council of Peers’

Nature Connected Coach. Wilderness therapy certification from the Earth Based Institute. Visit EarthBasedInstitute.org

Restorative Justice Facilitator volunteer for various communities including Fort Collins, Greeley, and Longmont

Reiki Energy Healer Trained by Lisa Schiavone in the traditional Usui method

Clients choose their path to healing, recovery, and balance for self-improvement.

B.R. from Boulder, CO area

B.R. from Boulder, CO area Nature Connected

I loved my hypno-journey sessions with Michael! I felt very cared for and safe the entire time. Michael did a really nice job of explaining the process beforehand, talking me through the whole thing in a gentle manner, and debriefing with me afterwards so that I felt fully integrated. I found that both of the hypno-journeys I did offered me helpful tools that I continue to utilize in order to navigate certain issues in a spiritual way. I am surprised and impressed with how powerful these experiences were and continue to be. I would definitely recommend giving this a try 🙂

KW from Denver CO area

KW from Denver CO area Felt My Goddess Warrior

Thank you so much for the help I can feel my goddess warrior running thru me like crazy which is exactly what I needed. Thank you for helping me take my power back.

AB from Boulder CO area

AB from Boulder CO area Supporting and Nourishing

The Reiki [healing] session with Michael was very supporting and nourishing to me. He has very soft intuitive [approach], and strong presence. I felt re-energized and deeply relaxed after his energy work. Lovely experience. Thank you, Michael 🙏

EK from Boulder CO area

EK from Boulder CO area Healing

Michael is an extremely passionate and loving human being. We are very lucky to have crossed paths and continue to work with him. His wisdom, experience, and knowledge has helped so many of us. We highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of true healing. Thank you, Michael, for all that you do!!

AM from California

AM from California Presence Recommended

Michael has a very caring and judgemental presence. His life experience adds wisdom to his sessions. I definitely recommend him.

HB from Boulder, CO

HB from Boulder, CO Peaceful Reiki

“Michael held a safe and peaceful space during my reiki session. I had been feeling stressed when I arrived and left my session feeling relaxed and renewed. I would definitely recommend him!”

LS, parent of client, Denver CO area

LS, parent of client, Denver CO area Clarity and Confidence in Transition

Michael Johnson is the kind of coach who truly cares and goes out of his way for his clients. He is committed to making support accessible for people like my teenage son who was going through a huge life transition during the pandemic when more than half of our family income had been eliminated. Michael met my son where he was in multiple ways, both accommodating his shifting availability and offering scholarships to make it possible. My son loved getting to meet with Michael outside in a neutral space where he got to share his passion for playing music during the session. This along with the contemplation, listening and dialogue Michael offered helped my son to get clarity and confidence for moving forward toward his goals. My son made instant progress after working with Michael. Michaels involvement with Natural Highs and his vision for linking other teens in personal development work added to our interest in having him mentor our son. As a parent, I felt Michael went above and beyond communicating with me and supporting me in how to handle this transition. I was able to share very sensitive information with him which I felt he handled with the utmost compassion and professionalism. I recommend Michael as an effective coach, and think he’s especially skilled at working with teens or anyone going through a transition.

LF from Boulder area

LF from Boulder area authentic, encouraging, and friendly

Working with Michael has had a subtle, yet profoundly uplifting effect on my general state of being after just 3 sessions... as it unexpectedly felt like it boosted my sense of feeling like I have more ‘control’ over the part of me that has a hobby of worrying about those little things. Michael’s style and the specific therapeutic methods he uses were all very welcoming is the only way I can put it. And that authentic, encouraging, and friendly way about him, plus the extra way Michael makes himself accessible with his informative website and sending me to various sites I mentioned off-handedly I was interested in are what has had me recommend him so highly to several people who have also started working with Michael (and are probably also commenting here!). If you want to feel better, more grounded, more sure of yourself, and just feel more of a sense of peace about things, Michael is someone I can say I recommend highly. I will look forward to going back for ‘tune-ups’ a few times a year after our initial 3 sessions ‘whew..., something shifted and I finally feel good again after wondering for so long why I didn’t...’

Make Youth Coaching Accessible

Help bring this program to those in need—my promise:

To guide, inspire, and motivate young men to excel and discover strategies to utilize their unique gifts in life. We work together with individual coaching, programs, or group activities with time in nature and community.

All funds raised will greatly help our launch and future young men who can’t afford this type of assistance
• 70% directed into a dedicated scholarship account
• 30% will enable startup costs (web development, social media, and program development)

Instruction for Donating
Send your donation to balancedearthcreative @ gmail.com through Venmo. (note: please remove spaces before and after the @) Creating an account is easy if you don’t already have a login.

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